About Us


A lifelong gamer, Remington has been immersed in the gaming world since childhood. In fact, he likes gaming so much that he named his dog after his first WoW character! He especially enjoys being Dungeon Master for DnD and playing in competitive Magic Tournaments. He’s been in NWA for 15 years and loves being part of the community that has grown here. That’s why he’s so passionate about bringing Final Boss Games to that same community. Remington is really looking forward to seeing everyone in the shop when we open, where he plans to learn Pokémon and Warhammer 40k!


A native of Northwest Arkansas, Bennett has been deeply engaged in the gaming scene for over a decade. He plays Magic the Gathering competitively, along with video and board games for fun. He’s really looking forward to expanding his interest in Pokémon and Warhammer 40K when the shop opens! It’s been a long-time dream of Bennett’s to open his own local gaming store, and he is eager to grow the community through Final Boss Games.


A lifelong resident of Northwest Arkansas, Trevor has been an active participant in the local gaming community for over a decade. Trevor is our Pokémon expert. He collected Pokémon off and on for 20 years before diving deep into the standard format. He’s an even an official judge and organizer! He’s becoming a jack of all trades during our remodel phase, and he’s most looking forward to learning Lorcana and competitive Magic.